Catalyst Water® is an excellent alternative to the harsh chemicals found in hot tubs. Depending on the size of your tub and climate you live in, amounts needed will vary.  Make sure all chlorine, bromine and other chemical water treatments have evaporated out of your hot tub before adding Catalyst Water. Leaving your lid off and running your circulation system should do the trick. The reason for this is that chemicals will inactivate the Catalyst Water.

The catalyst in Catalyst Water is a negative ion formulation of a sodium micelle. A micelle is an electrically charged colloidal particle that buffers acid-forming hydrogen ions. The micelle is so small it can easily slip through the cell membranes and thereby feed those nutrients to the cell more efficiently. With this extreme penetrating action, the water effectively neutralizes the excess quantities of acid solutions. It acts as a carrier on the freeway, picking up nutrients, depositing them in the cells and carrying off waste.

Directions: Drain and clean your hot tub before starting the catalyst water protocol. Fill tub using de-chlorinated water OR leave cover off for a few hours to let the chlorine dissipate, then add Dynamite

Start with about two cups in a hot tub and add one cup each week. Amount may increase depending on tub usage and climate.

"Catalyst Water is a real unsung hero! My mother has respiratory problems. She had always enjoyed a nightly dip in her hot tub, but the fumes from the chemicals used to balance the hot tub became too irritating to her lungs and skin. At one of our area meetings we were discussing the many uses for Catalyst Water. One in particular was of interest — it's use to balance hot tubs without any chemicals! Mom emptied, cleaned and refilled her hot tub, then skeptically added two cups of the diluted solution of Catalyst Water. She tested the pH balance of the tub expecting that some chemicals would need to be added. To her surprise it was in perfect balance. For about six months now she has been using Catalyst Water to balance her tub and has never had to use any chemicals. She adds one cup of the dilution about every week. My mom figures that she saves approximately $15.00 per month using the Catalyst Water instead if chemicals. One of her friends was complaining about how her hot tub dries out her skin. Mom sent her home with a gallon of her home with a gallon of her 'amazing' stuff. Both of these ladies are back to enjoying their hot tubs, thanks to Dynamite."
—Nancy Parkison
Supervisor, Washington