Bernese Mountain Dog, Deuce, Makes a Showy Change in 2 Months

In January...

Deuce was a super skinny 103 pounds, despite being wormed several times and being fed a LOT of food. He was getting 12 cups of kibble with the addition of ‘crock pot food’ which consisted of potatoes, mixed veggies and chicken or burger, daily!

Then he started eating socks, plastic and poop. His coat was dull and dry/straw like with an over all red tinge to it. Because I had lost his dad (LeDoux) and grandpa (Levi) to eating harmful things, I knew I needed to find a solution.

Enter Dynamite

In just 2 months on Dynamite, he went down to 5cups of food a day, with no additional ‘crock pot food’. His coat turned jet black and became very soft and shiny. Plus, he gained weight to 114 pounds of lean muscle!! And... he quit eating all the random crap!!! Literally!

My protocol started with:

  • Dyna Pro-1/8 tsp/50#
  • Showdown breeder- 1tsp/50#

Then in April :

We switched from Showdown Breeder to TNT as well as the Super Premium Dynamite Dog Food.

In just the dog food alone... we went from 10-12 bags a month (between my mom and I with 12 show Bernese Mountain Dogs) to 6 bags total!!! Because of the higher calorie count - you feed less! We also know that adding Dyna Pro balanced their guts and got the microbes flourishing as they should, so now their bodies are using the nutrients they are given!!







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