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  1. World Champion Appaloosa

    World Champion Appaloosa
    A distributor since 1987, Nancy Parkison and her championship winning horse, eleven-year-old Totally Paradise “Barbie”, emulate the Dynamite lifestyle. Nancy and Barbie have racked up an amazing win record that includes 8 World Champion Appaloosa Show titles and 3 Reserve World Championships in six years! Nancy’s 2013 World Champion Masters Trail win, that was on the heels of her 2012...
  2. Not All Soybeans Are Created Equal

    Not All Soybeans Are Created Equal
    One of our Dynamite distributors recently pointed us to an article about the common use and processing of soy protein. The common processing of soybeans to make soy protein includes extracting the oil, removing the fiber, mixing it with hydrochloric acid and centrifuging it to remove the carbohydrates. The result: a thick, yellow, foamy slurry that has an aroma comparable...
  3. Breeder Pac™ effective for cows, too!

    Breeder Pac™ effective for cows, too!
    I wanted to share with you my experiences with using Breeder Pac on our holstein cows. About four months ago, I decided to try feeding three ounces per day to several of our cows that were having trouble getting bred back. So far, two of them are confirmed pregnant within several months of starting the product. It is very palatable and...

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