Dyna Hoof

  1. Problem Hooves

    Problem Hooves by Judy Sinner, Gold Director, WA To get to the bottom of problem hooves, put on your Dick Tracy hat and find out everything you can about the horse’s total diet, including any mineralized block or salt licks, worming schedule, housing conditions, and shoeing. The bottom line is that a healthy horse has healthy hooves, so we need...
  2. Riley's Journey to Dynamite

    Riley's Journey to Dynamite
    A little over 2 years ago I lost my best four legged friend Buster due to old age. Since then I had been on the fence about getting a horse and if that's a road I wanted to go down again. Then I met him. He was a huge 3-year-old Bay Thoroughbred Gelding that had been retired off the track...
  3. The Holistic Hoof - The Science Behind Dyna Hoof™ Success

    The Holistic Hoof - The Science Behind Dyna Hoof™ Success
    The story of Dyna Hoof begins in 1983 when Dynamite founder, Jim Zamzow, studied the structure and function of elk antlers to create a very successful supplement for an elk ranch in Colorado. Upon seeing the results of those efforts, Gold Director Judy Sinner asked if Jim would put the same effort into developing a product for horse hoof health...

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