1. New SOD Formula for Optimized Performance

    New SOD Formula for Optimized Performance
    Dynamite provides you the best quality and purest nutraceuticals available through continuous research and development on the ingredients we source and the products we formulate. This is the case with one of our most effective and powerful products in our line, Dynamite SOD™. SOD contains the building blocks for the class of antioxidants called superoxide dismutase. Indispensable in defending against...
  2. Dyna Shield Natural Horse Spray

    Dyna Shield Natural Horse Spray
    What do we risk when spraying chemicals on ourselves and our animals? (A case for natural horse spray) There are many pros and cons to using harsh chemicals on our animals (and ourselves) to keep biting insects away. The biggest argument made FOR using chemicals is that the bite of an insect could carry with it a disease that would...
  3. High Quality Nutrients Vs. the Cheap Stuff

    High Quality Nutrients Vs. the Cheap Stuff
    When you look at a supplement to determine quality, do you know what you're looking for? We have compiled a few key things that separate quality supplements from the products that are not effective and may actually harm you over time. True Chelation   In order to increase the absorption rate and therefore the usability of our minerals, Dynamite uses Mother...
  4. Animals and Smoke

    Animals and Smoke
    Animals and Smoke Tips to help your four-legged friends stay healthy when exposed to smoke in the air It’s so easy to think that our animals are not affected by air quality because they don’t openly complain. But, just like us, their bodies work overtime to deal with smoke, whether it's from wildfires or cigarettes. Here are some tips for...
  5. Natural Topical Aid Kit (First Aid)

    Topical Aid Kit All Products in the Topical Aid Kit Are Full Size and available for individual refill purchase as you run out. Natural-minded people know that there are many ways to address health using ingredients provided by Mother Nature. Dynamite's Topical Aid Kit is a combination of our six most popular topical products that have been thoughtfully created out...
  6. Balm for Red, Scaly Skin

    Balm Works for Scaly Skin!FeetOver night treatment for baby-soft feet:1. Scrub loose, dry skin and callouses to remove dead skin.2. Drop Trace Minerals Concentrate into any deep cracks or injured tissue.3. Apply Dynamite Balm liberally over entire foot, including cracked areas.4. Carefully pull over old socks (they will be ruined, so choose socks wisely)5. Sleep with socks on...6. Remove socks and...
  7. Super ACV

    Dynamite Super ACV | Now with more Mother!  Super ACV is a little-known Dynamite secret. If this is not part of your daily diet/cleaning/ supplement routine, you're missing out! Super ACV is very different and much healthier than the distilled apple cider vinegar found on the shelves of local grocers. Distilled vinegar is lacking vital nutrients - all for the...
  8. Mega Botanicals

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  9. 180 Protocol   #video
  10. 180 & DynaLite   #video

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