Jim Zamzow

  1. Not All Soybeans Are Created Equal

    Not All Soybeans Are Created Equal
    One of our Dynamite distributors recently pointed us to an article about the common use and processing of soy protein. The common processing of soybeans to make soy protein includes extracting the oil, removing the fiber, mixing it with hydrochloric acid and centrifuging it to remove the carbohydrates. The result: a thick, yellow, foamy slurry that has an aroma comparable...
  2. When A Soybean is Not a Soybean

    By Jim Zamzow, Founder of Dynamite In the field, you may encounter negative input about soybean meal in feeds or supplements. As is often the case with Dynamite® products, our advanced technology is not always apparent on our labels. There is a vast difference between the soybean meal that we use and the majority of the meals on the market...
  3. Jim's Thoughts on Exercise and Nutrition

    Jim's Thoughts on Exercise and Nutrition
    Ignore what information you hear about needing 30 minutes of exercise three times weekly. We need more! Much more! I highly recommend everybody to exercise vigorously at least thirty minutes daily. A healthy heart needs to be "exercised" to continue to properly function...and three times a week isn't going to cut it. Keep homocysteine (an amino acid in the blood...

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