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  1. Winter Horse Care Tips

    Colder weather can bring about shifts in energy and an increased need for nutritional balance. In a recent conference call, Gold Director, Judy Sinner, shared tips for making life easier for you and your horse during the cold winter months. Check out the highlights of the call below. Listen to the full conference call HERE Wintertime Horse Care Tips &...
  2. World Champion Appaloosa

    World Champion Appaloosa
    A distributor since 1987, Nancy Parkison and her championship winning horse, eleven-year-old Totally Paradise “Barbie”, emulate the Dynamite lifestyle. Nancy and Barbie have racked up an amazing win record that includes 8 World Champion Appaloosa Show titles and 3 Reserve World Championships in six years! Nancy’s 2013 World Champion Masters Trail win, that was on the heels of her 2012...

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