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  1. 14 year old Billy's Healthy Senior Lifestyle

    14 year old Billy's Healthy Senior Lifestyle
    When your best dog friend is 14 years old, every moment is precious. Memorial Day Weekend 2015, Billy was going downhill fast. He had slowed down.  Wednesday he was having seizures every 4-6 hours. I had begun a vigil I was (and am still) unprepared for his final days…I was hoping for a miracle.  I asked my friends for prayers...
  2. World Champion Appaloosa

    World Champion Appaloosa
    A distributor since 1987, Nancy Parkison and her championship winning horse, eleven-year-old Totally Paradise “Barbie”, emulate the Dynamite lifestyle. Nancy and Barbie have racked up an amazing win record that includes 8 World Champion Appaloosa Show titles and 3 Reserve World Championships in six years! Nancy’s 2013 World Champion Masters Trail win, that was on the heels of her 2012...
  3. Crystal’s Weight Loss Journey

    Crystal’s Weight Loss Journey
    Last Monday Crystal W., a Dynamite Product Representative, posted on Facebook’s 180 Support Page: “Today is an AWESOME day even for a Monday, I've lost 39.4 lbs which is almost 40 pounds!!!! I only have 10.4 pounds ‘til I reach my goal!!! Woooohooo!!!.” Along with countless other people, Dynamite chimed in with congratulations. We then asked Crystal to share her...
  4. Dynamite Distributor Spotlight—April

    Dynamite Distributor Spotlight—April
    Kristie K.—April's Distributor Highlight Kristie K. from California is the recipient of our monthly distributor highlight! She’s only been a rep for three years, but she hit a home run in April by being a top seller AND advancing to Director! Congratulations, Kristie! Here are some secrets of her trade, straight from the horse’s mouth. Favorite Dynamite Product & Reason...
  5. Dynamite 180 Weight Loss — Jennifer's Story

    Dynamite 180 Weight Loss — Jennifer's Story
    I managed to drop 25 pounds on my own, fueled by the threat to my health, but I was losing steam and could feel my body wanting to put that weight back on. Around this time, other Dynamite distributors had been starting to talk about 180. But I was stuck in my own head about the very low calorie part...
  6. A Dynamite Finish At The Tevis Cup

    A Dynamite Finish At The Tevis Cup
    In August 2012, Dynamite Distributor Willemina D. finished a phenomenal 7th out of 98 riders at the prestigious Tevis Cup. This one-day-100-mile endurance ride tests both the rider and the horse in strength, stamina, and focus, as they traverse rugged terrain from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, California. Both Willemina and her horse, SMR Fillouette (owned by Dynamite distributor Potato Richardson...

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