1. Topical Aid Kit Helps Dog Recover From Attack

    A Family's Worst Nightmare - Dog Attack A few years ago we adopted a dog, Waylon, that we were hoping would fit in with our family and life. Things were really good with him; he was great with kids, got along with our other dogs, cats, chickens, goats and horses--perfectly! As time went on though, Waylon and one of our...
  2. A Dynamite Return to Competition

    A Dynamite Return to Competition
    This year, Jennifer is making a "Dynamite" return to competition Jennifer, a long-time Dynamite distributor, decided it was time to make a return to competition. She explains, "My family and I have ridden CGA (California Gymkhana Association) since we were all kids in the late 90's. We had a blast riding all the timed events such as barrel racing and...
  3. My Dynamite Story - Shayla and Phoenix

    My Dynamite Story - Shayla and Phoenix
        SHAYLA PASKETT Serenity Horsemanship & "Phoenix" Rescued Mare (Recently Adopted Out) 2018 On Jan 20th 2018 at 8pm we picked up our new rescue mare. She was terrified at the sight of humans and tried to jump over 5 ½ ft panels to get away in the process of getting her contained. We were her last hope of...

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