1. Scooby Recovers from Sinus Tumor (adenocarcinoma)

    Scooby Recovers from Sinus Tumor (adenocarcinoma)
    SOD and Showdown vs nasal cancer 2 years later and Scooby’s doing great with no radiation or chemo!! Scooby is my beloved 13-year-old Papillon who was diagnosed with nasal cancer (adenocarcinoma) on May 14, 2013. He probably had the cancer for at least a year before that, but until his breathing got so difficult for him that he was falling...
  2. Growing Up a Dynamite Dog

    Growing Up a Dynamite Dog
    This is my niece's 8-month-old Siberian Husky named Rio. Since he was 2 months old, he has been on Dynamite's Super Premium Dog Food, Showdown and Dyna Pro. The vet was amazed at how great his coat was and said he is extremely healthy. Terri Olson, Distributor If you have a Dynamite Story you’d like to share with us, please...
  3. Dog's Mouth Tumor vs SOD and Showdown

    Dog's Mouth Tumor vs SOD and Showdown
    Talk about the power of a before and after photo!  Distributor Alexis D.’s dog, Bayzill, had a bleeding tumor on her gums. The vet proposed a biopsy and possibly surgery to remove the growth, for a combined total of nearly $5,000. Working with fellow distributors Kristie K and Teresa L, it was decided to attack it with SOD and Showdown...
  4. A Dog’s Nutritional Foundation Starts with Canine TNT

    A Dog’s Nutritional Foundation Starts with Canine TNT
    One of Dynamite’s best-selling canine foundation products, Canine TNT (Total Nutritional Top-dress), provides all-in-one nutritional support for optimal canine health. Dogs love the taste and owners rave about the results. See links to several testimonials at the end of this post. Canine TNT is an amazing all-in-one, easy-to-give supplement formulated with a synergistic combination of ingredients, which together, support a healthy digestion system, immune...
  5. Olivia's Product Review of Canine TNT

    Olivia's Product Review of Canine TNT
    Silver Director Joan R. Dynamite distributor Joan R. has a special perspective when giving a product testimonial. As an animal communicator, she travels around the nation teaching pet owners how to connect and communicate with their animals. Joan shared with us the story of how her dog Olivia helped her to understand how much she really enjoyed her Canine...
  6. Border Collie Champions

    Border Collie Champions
    Tess at 14 years old My Border Collies are proof of the power of Dynamite products. Nan won four Open trials and Open Dog of the Year for the Washington Association for Stockdog Handlers in 2010. Rainey has won at least four ProNovice trials and Sava just won a ProNovice trial. My Dynamite dogs are winners and consistently top-placers...

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