1. Not All Soybeans Are Created Equal

    Not All Soybeans Are Created Equal
    One of our Dynamite distributors recently pointed us to an article about the common use and processing of soy protein. The common processing of soybeans to make soy protein includes extracting the oil, removing the fiber, mixing it with hydrochloric acid and centrifuging it to remove the carbohydrates. The result: a thick, yellow, foamy slurry that has an aroma comparable...
  2. Dynamite Specialty Products- New Packaging and Logo

    Since Dynamite was founded in 1982 we have changed our logo and packaging a few times. In 2011, we are making the biggest change yet with the implementation of GREEN packaging!
  3. Join us on Facebook!

    Want another way to learn more about Dynamite products? Become a fan of Dynamite Marketing on Facebook! Facebook is a completely free social networking tool that helps you stay in touch with people, groups and companies...including Dynamite! Through Facebook, you will be able to read about the latest happenings at Dynamite, along with occasional specials, product spotlights, news and events...

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