Dyna Spark Equine Electrolyte - Contains Nothing Artificial

Combine heat with increased activity, and your horse may be susceptible to increased fluid and electrolyte loss. Mammals are approximately two thirds water. For an average size horse, that translates to about 80 gallons of water! Through the horse’s natural process of staying cool by sweating they lose a significant portion of their electrolytes. An insufficient reservoir of electrolytes may impair temperature regulation; reduce endurance capacity and aerobic performance; and cause heart problems, gastrointestinal issues, muscle cramps, and brain fog.

Dyna Spark™ is a proprietary electrolyte formula containing organic blackstrap molasses, natural trace mineral salt, and balanced mineral chelates specifically chosen to address mineral deficiencies and muscle imbalances. It provides a unique electrolyte blend and addresses the subtle physiological requirements of a working horse—be it training, competing, foaling, or even recovering from injury.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are simply minerals that carry charges and conduct electricity in the body. The body constantly moves electrolytes through the tissues in order to promote balance in the system and metabolic functions. They are responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses, the function of the muscle tissues and the circulatory system, the balance of the body’s pH and the transport of toxins and nutrients through the cell wall. Basic electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium but proper electrolyte function also requires trace minerals and other synergistic co-factors.

How is Dyna Spark different?

Dyna Spark Equine Electrolyte

Dyna Spark is free of refined sugar and contains nothing artificial. Most commercial electrolyte formulas consist of more than 50% refined and processed salt (sodium chloride). Salt is then augmented with 10-20% inorganic (unusable) potassium and minerals. Others add bicarbonate of soda in an attempt to neutralize the acid which is the by-product of exercise. Many electrolytes contain dyes and artificial flavorings, which are not conducive to keeping a clean liver. Sugar is another additive commonly found in electrolyte formulas.

The main difference between Dyna Spark and other electrolyte formulas is in the science behind it. Most electrolyte formulas are developed by scraping sweat from the animal and analyzing the contents therein. To some this sounds like a logical process when in reality it is counterproductive. Think of it this way—it is like taking the exhaust from your car, analyzing it, and then putting a concoction of the exhaust elements back into the gas tank to run the car! Auto exhaust is a by-product of combustion, just as sweat is a physiological by-product. In both, the systems transform the original ingredients through heat and chemical reactions to create entirely different end products. Dyna Spark addresses electrolytes from a different, natural perspective by supporting the physiology of exercise and the metabolic cycles that lead to energy production, sweat, nerve impulses, and muscle function.

How much Dyna Spark do I give my horse?

The most important thing about feeding any electrolyte is that they must go hand-in-hand with water consumption. Electrolytes should increase water consumption and will actually cause dehydration if fed without sufficient water. For this reason, always monitor water intake to ensure the horse is consuming enough and never feed an electrolyte when water is not readily available. For general stress and dehydration, use 1 ounce of Dyna Spark daily. For endurance competitions, feed 2 ounces 24 hours before the race, 2 ounces at each checkpoint before feed and water, and at the finish of the race. For eventing, flat racing, or other strenuous events, feed 2 ounces 12 hours before the competition, and again after the workout. For general dehydration, feed 2 ounces a day until the situation is resolved. Amounts may vary depending upon temperature, humidity and overall size and condition of the horse. Dyna Pro prebiotic may be added to Dyna Spark, but be sure to feed the mixture within 24 hours.

Considered to be a “grueling mountain marathon for horses”, the Tevis Cup, is one of the most challenging 100-mile rides in the world. Nearly 50% of riders don't even finish the race! That did not stop Dynamite Distributor, Willemina D., and her horse, Frisia Mameluk, from finishing 13th at the 2013 Tevis Cup.

She shared:
“At this year’s Tevis Cup, I filled ten 1-ounce squeeze bottles with Dyna Spark. At every water stop, I squirted a bottle into Frisia Mameluk’s mouth. It made all the difference, to keep the energy up in the heat. Thanks to strong training, Dyna Spark, and other Dynamite products we successfully completed approximately 17,000 feet of climbs and 21,000 feet of descents in temperatures soaring above 100 degrees.” —Willemina D., Bronze Director, TX

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