Support your body in the summer to stay well.

No one wants summer sickness.

Summer SicknessSummer means go-go-go as we suck the marrow out of every warm, wonderful minute. Change in activity, sleep patterns and heightened chaos, can take a toll on our immune system, leaving us prone to allergies and summer colds. But there is no way anyone wants summer sickness!

Sometimes you just need a reminder to treat yourself well, starting with boosting a few critical nutrients so you don't have to slow down the summer fun!

foundation - Summer Sickness

1. Dynamite Foundation Products—Stress is a nutrient sucker, so make sure to fill the reservoir and maintain a consistent level of nutrients for when the need arises. One very easy way to get a baseline of trace minerals is to add Elixir™ to your morning juice (preferably fresh-squeezed). Of course, maintain your daily foundation nutrients with DM Plus™ and Tri-Mins™.

HisSod - Summer Sickness2. Hiscorbadyne® (pronounced "HISS-CORE-BAH-DINE")— You know how citrus and other vitamin C-rich foods are the go-to cold fighting foods? Think of this product as super-enriched orange juice! Formulated with bioflavonoids, which are potent, plant-derived antioxidants, Hiscorbadyne promotes circulation, enhances the immune system, increases capillary strength, and stimulates bile. Ingredients also help with stress and of course, preventing summer sickness!

3. SODThis proprietary formula of targeted minerals assists a person’s immune system to build, repair, and stabilize itself. It consists of zinc, copper, selenium, and manganese chelated to immune-specific amino acids. For children, you can open a capsule and put ¼ to ½ of the tasteless powder contents into apple sauce. Do this once a day, for 10 days to boost immunity and avoid getting sick in the summer.

MegaB - Summer Sickness4. Mega Botanicals—This great tasting "super food" contains chlorophyll-rich super greens, digestive enzymes, immune-enhancing mushrooms, herbs, probiotics and powerful antioxidants. The combination provides natural energy as well as foundational, pH-balancing and long-lasting health benefits. Mix a serving size of Mega Botanicals with water or whole juice, and serve it in the morning or send a single-serve packet in their backpack to shake into a bottle of water as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

 * Dynamite’s suggested usage is easily adjusted to children of all ages however we recommend you check with your pediatrician on amounts.

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