CWatsonLast Monday Crystal W., a Dynamite Product Representative, posted on Facebook’s 180 Support Page: “Today is an AWESOME day even for a Monday, I've lost 39.4 lbs which is almost 40 pounds!!!! I only have 10.4 pounds ‘til I reach my goal!!! Woooohooo!!!.” Along with countless other people, Dynamite chimed in with congratulations. We then asked Crystal to share her journey with us.

“I ate cookies, cakes, donuts, pop, chips, and candy growing up, which made me a fairly chunky kid. Since childhood, I’ve struggled with my weight, until now! I’ve tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through dozens of popular diets.

In December 2005, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and was placed on a variety of strong, chemical-based medications including Levothyroxine, Levothyroid, and Synthroid. This wasn’t a surprise to me, because as far back as I could remember I have always felt cold, my hair was thin, and I was overweight.

Two events last year lead me to once again commit to lose weight. The first was that I turned 40 and the second was that I felt particularly disheartened after feeling like a ‘beached whale’ on my trip to Cabo. When I got back from vacation I noticed my friend and Dynamite Supervisor, Valerie V., had lost a bunch of weight. I asked her what she was doing and she told me about Dynamite 180. I thought to myself, ‘This is finally it. I can do this and not fail because it is not a diet, it is a new way of life!’ I was in and was excited. I started on the Dynamite 180 protocol December 31, 2012 weighing 197 pounds. I was wearing size 16 jeans, XL in t-shirts and 1x or 22w in blouses. Dynamite’s “Winter Weigh Off” contest, which I joined in on Val’s team, gave me $1 Dynamite bucks for each pound I lost. I lost 19.6 pounds and our team came in third place only losing by under two pounds. It was so close!

I am so excited to be weighing in the 150s which I haven’t been since the 90s. I am now able to wear my size 11 Wranglers, size 10-12 shorts, large t-shirts and size 18 blouses. I have only 10.6 pounds to reach my 50 pound goal. I ask my husband all the time, “Please take my picture, honey”.  I am so confident and feel so good about myself.

Furthermore, based on recommendations from Dynamite Gold Director, Judy Sinner, and others, I started going to a Homeopath and replaced my hypothyroid medication with an all-natural alternative, Armour. I am still trying to get the dosage levels right, but I am confident that they will soon. I have also built up my foundational health and nutrition through other Dynamite products, including DM Plus™, Tri-Mins™, Premium Magnesium, Dyna-Lite™, Elixir, SOD, and Mega Botanicals.

I love myself and am so glad that I am taking a more holistic approach to my health now!”
—Crystal W., Distributor


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