Last summer I noticed a small wart-like growth between the toes of our Doberman Pinscher, Ava. We watched it for about three weeks while it doubled in size so we scheduled an appointment with Ava’s vet to have a look. The vet told us it was a viral papilloma which could be removed by freezing with hydrogen or by removing surgically which could leave more permanent damage to her foot depending on the amount of skin lost in the surgical removal. We decided to have it frozen off. Most of the growth dropped off after the freeze and then quickly grew back to double the size!

By this point it was about the size of a marble and started to cause Ava IMG_1694 (2)discomfort. She was constantly licking and biting it. It was black, had a strong odor, and grew into tendrils that reminded me of some kind of sea creature. We were hesitant to go the route of surgery due to the fact Ava had already been through several rounds of antibiotics, had suffered through a bad Bordetella vaccination which almost turned to pneumonia, and had a bad allergic reaction to mosquito bites which caused her to lose all the hair on her chest. Between all these stress factors we didn’t want to add the stress of anesthesia to top things off.

A friend gave me enough Dynamite SOD, Hiscorbadyne, and Canine TNT for a ten-day trial. I also had Dynamite's Trace Mineral Concentrate liquid. I used the TNT, SOD, and Hiscorbadyne twice a day along with Trace Mineral Concentrate in Ava’s food and topically on the viral papilloma. The change was so dynamic that we had to share some pictures of her recovery. We now use the TNT on a daily basis and the SOD, 2-3 times per week. We are so pleased with the results we have seen. Thank you Dynamite!

This is how it grew back after the freeze:


After just three days using the supplements! (Less oozing and starting the recede)


Week two. (Causing Ava a lot less discomfort and didn’t smell as terrible)


After one month. Just a dark spot!


Today there is no sign of the growth! Thank you Dynamite, yet another success story!

IMG_1656 2

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