"Annie was a picky eater and prone to ulcers...now she eats every bite and looks for more!
I'm shocked with what Dynamite has done!!" --Sabrina Salt, FL


I've had my own horses on Dynamite about 3 years now. I've always loved the products and noticed changes in coats, hooves, attitude, etc. But when I got my new mare, Annie, I didn’t have much luck with it in beginning. Annie was very prone to ulcers and a super picky eater (she would poop in feed bucket and walk away)! I was starting to get very worried because she was already a thinner/in shape horse and now she was losing weight, not eating anything but hay, and had a very bad attitude (hard to catch, never wanted to be around me, always pinned ears). I thought she hated me.

Dynamite Directors, Tina Spangler and Jeffra Sinclair, helped me out a lot!!! Because Annie was losing so much weight I decided to add a handful or less of a sweet pellet to get her to eat at least some of the Dynamite and it worked!! I was doing Miracle Clay and Dyna Pro since I first got her but I made the Miracle Clay stronger and used double of what I was previously using and also increased the Dyna Pro for awhile too.

Annie now never fights me to be caught and waits at the gate for her feed (no longer needs any sweet pellets)! She eats every bite and looks for more after!!!! She is much sweeter now and I can tell she is a lot happier. I am SO shocked at what Dynamite has done! I love it!! Thank you for your help and expertise, Tina Spangler, Dynamite Director (TLC Barrel Horse Training, FL)! ❤️

"I agree with what Sabrina says above... Jeffra Sinclair is amazing and can muscle test nutritional needs. I have seen many horses' attitudes and looks improve being on Dynamite’s holistic program. All my personal horses are on it, it was a saving grace for my baby Rocky. Training horses that come in stressed, I see changes right away with small changes like Dyna Pro and Miracle Clay. But always remember that the Dynamite Foundation Program is the first step to happy, healthy horses." - Tina Spangler, Dynamite Director