NancyBarbieA distributor since 1987, Nancy Parkison and her championship winning horse, eleven-year-old Totally Paradise “Barbie”, emulate the Dynamite lifestyle. Nancy and Barbie have racked up an amazing win record that includes 8 World Champion Appaloosa Show titles and 3 Reserve World Championships in six years! Nancy’s 2013 World Champion Masters Trail win, that was on the heels of her 2012 World Championship, was also a breath-taking unanimous decision from the judges! Barbie has also won World Champion Sr. Trail for three consecutive years!

Nancy knows that competing to win takes peak performance from all those involved. She relies on Dynamite products to meet that mark. Barbie is supplemented with Dynamite’s TNT, MSM, OxE Mega, and Dyna Pro and receives topical treatments of Solace and Tea Tree Oil. Nancy keeps herself in excellent condition year-round by taking a steady regimen of the Dynamite Daily Foundation (DM Plus and Tri-Mins) as well as Premium Magnesium and Elixir. She also uses Solace and Tea Tree Oil as needed. Periodically throughout the year for an immune boost she uses Ester-C® and Hiscorbadyne. Always, two weeks before a show, Nancy incorporates SOD into her regime to ensure optimal health during competition. Nancy competes at non-pro and masters non-pro classes. Maintaining good health and outstanding fitness is a necessity not only to compete at this level, but to win championships as well.

BarbieWinsWorldBarbieMaking History

Barbie is poised to make some incredible marks in Appaloosa history. With her 2013 win, Totally Paradise “Barbie” became the first Appaloosa in history to win 3 Non-Pro Masters Trail championships at Worlds. She is also tied with the current record holders at Worlds for most overall Trail Championships (7), most Senior Trail Championships (4), and for consecutive Senior Trail Championships (3). Of all these records holders, Barbie is the only horse still competing! Nancy whole-heartedly attributes Barbie’s history-making success and performance longevity to Dynamite and the solid foundation of holistic nutrition and health it provides.

Barbie’s Having a Baby

Barbie’s baby, being born via surrogate mare, is due in March of 2014. The mare, that underwent embryo transplant, is giving the foal every advantage. Nancy has her on PGR, Breeder Pac, TNT and Dyna Pro. Nancy is hoping for another winner to add to Barbie’s legacy.

Photos © 2013 Larry Williams photography at the 2013 World Championship Appaloosa Show

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